Yes the page is back due to popular demand. The inhabitants of that building on the Sellafield site are still at it, getting their sentences all mixed up which means we can have a bit of a laugh reading them.


Have you seen this programme before or is it a repeat.

I went back to my bike and the tyre was as flat as a rock.

I donít care, its no skin off my neck.

I think sheís got a buzz in her hair.

Give him enough neck and heíll hang himself.

Remember, while we are marching weíre not swimming.

The book stops here.

Iíve got a head like a sore bear.

We had crossnots with our meal.

You can see all the fish running around the pond.

I was mouth struck.

Everythingís a bit laxy davy.

They drive me round the wall.

Catch you later brown cow.

It was going round and round like a tree.

Last night I slept like a rock.

I sprayed my bike frame with amber solaire.

He should be able to stand on his head blind folded and walk round this place.

Your bread of loaf costs the same as mine.

Last night I went to Burger King for a McDonalds.

Iím not getting enough runback.

Itís like water off a frogs leg.

Heís thrown the spoon in for me.

I think sheís in the pudding stick.

We have to pull our socks together.

It will be knives at dawn.

That will be another nail in the tomb.

Look at those three they look like twins.

Itís like looking for a needle in an ocean.

My heads on the chopper.

Its tuck and nip.

Watch this window.

I went downstairs in our bungalow.

When I was on days I wasnít on shifts.

When heís not at work heís off.

My plate has broken in half and is now in three pieces.

Itís every man for herself.

I watched the algae float to the bottom.

Itís so small there isnít enough room to swing a chicken.

Itís going down like a balloon.

That will put the cat among the dogs.

You canít judge a bird by itís feathers.

The manning minimum levels.

I went down the incline.

We brain scanned it.

Boost it down.

Up a bit lower.

Youíve cooked your chips in hot fat now.

Iíve got him jumping around like a gattling gun.

His arse touched the floor.

Weíll have to storm drain it.

I saw you goosing.

If you are buying a house you donít want to get stuck in a tree.

The road in Windermere is a bolt on.

This window is covered in combustion.

Donít leave a rock upturned.

Thereís a box of empty bolts.

I need to talk to you individually; Iíll start with you two.

Itís about time they got the rubbish removed from the motorcycle car park.

The lorry is coming at 7.30 about 8 oįclock.

Some of them on shifts are nappy coddled.

If a word could paint a thousand pictures.

Donít forget to flatten up the bumps.

Arses should roll because of this.

Itís tuck and luck.

She was a year younger than me at school but only twelve months in age.

Rub shit in from a great height.

Iíve only drilled half a hole.

I won a bottle of Quality Street.

Heís gone for a fag and a cigarette.

Itís as bright as a sharp crisp.

A blind man riding a horse wouldnít notice it.

Itís not as if we are run under foot.

I think heís got a jocken baw.

Never judge a book by itís title.

We have upwards of 500 members about 430.

Sheís going to look like a beached cow.

Itís a good job I have a thick back.

Heís going to end up walking in a wheelchair.

Is the tape at the start or the beginning?

When I was taking photos I looked like I was part of the Pavarotti.

The lids off the beans.

Six of half a dozen and one of the other.

All this bad weather is down to that salami.

You can see it in the back of his voice.

Sometimes you have to eat salt.

I kicked the car door to see if it would start.

She's got a face like a dog that's pissed on a thistle.

What is John Smiths name?